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NWN! Productions 2022
Anti Goth 625 (CD/LP/PicLP)



The time has come! We have emerged from the depths of Very Metal Sound to announce we have finished recording our fifth original LP!

Entitled 'In Darkness at Last', it features ten tracks of absolutely crushing old school AK Armageddon - all wrapped in our most violent production to date.

  • Radiant
  • Stormbringer Hyades (Rain Down Darkness)
  • Under Algol
  • The Dragons of Ara
  • Aequinoctium
  • Basilisk Flame
  • Rapacious
  • Priests of Pallas
  • A Wolf on the Fold
  • Solomonic Spirals

Soon to be available on:
-CD with a twelve-page booklet
-Digital streaming or download through AK's Bandcamp

And later on available on:
-Gatefold LP with a twelve-page lyric booklet, poster, and sticker
-Limited edition Picture LP



NWN! Productions 2019
Anti Goth 431 (CD/LP/PicLP)



The flaming rays of the scorpion's heart bring the pitiless light of destruction upon complacent mankind!

'By the Light of Their Destruction' is the fourth chapter in AK's ongoing saga. Conceived between immensity and eternity, echoing from the edge of forever, the album delves into the dark past among the bones of all men while looking out into the frozen depths of the black infinite where ancients placed the totems of their greatest fears.

Available on:
-Gatefold LP with a twelve-page lyric booklet, poster, and sticker
-Limited edition Picture LP
-CD with a twelve-page booklet
-Digital streaming or download through AK's Bandcamp

  • The Hydra Void
  • Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)
  • Dark Waters Eridanus
  • Eighteen Degrees Beneath
  • Allegory
  • The Bones of All Men
  • Iconologia
  • Talis Chimera Est
Listen to the entire album now at our Bandcamp page.


NWN! Productions 2015
Anti Goth 297 (CD/LP/PicLP)



America's defenders of the faith return for their third attack with an uncompromising seven-track barrage of vicious, searing and utterly crushing metal - the likes of which only Ares Kingdom can deliver; complete with unflinching historical lyrics drawn from the blood-soaked annals of the Great War of 1914-1918. So pray your thanks to the unburiable dead!

"Ares Kingdom"s latest album, "The Unburiable Dead," viscerally expresses the death and destruction of World War I in a style that is as brutal, nasty and unforgiving as the war itself. Of particular note is the title track that conveys the numbing reality of the unknown thousands who perished in this horrific conflict, literally disappearing into the battlefields of mass slaughter. The songs" messages are bleak and unforgiving, so much like the war itself."
-Jonathan Casey, Museum Archivist and Edward Jones Research Center Manager,
National World War I Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, MO.

CDs include a twelve page booklet with all elements from the LP layout. Die hard versions additionally include a patch, sticker and tapestry.

  • Ubique
  • Nom de Guerre
  • Salient and Redoubt
  • Demoralize
  • Writhe: Fettered to a Corpse
  • The Unburiable Dead
  • Stultifera Navis
Listen to full release on NWN's bandcamp here.
"Tidal waves of power smashing all in sight, we salute all true believers, Death Metal rules tonight."
- Slaughter Lord, "Die By Power"


NWN! Productions 2013
Anti Goth 211 (CD/LP/PicLP)


"I never lie, I know the game, I am out there under the sign of the destroyer of death. Feel the pain..."
- Mefisto, "Act Dead"


The Defenders of the Faith have returned.

The sky boils and echoes with a relentless thunderstorm.
Inside the temple, Slaughter Lord, Sacrilege, R.U. Dead?, Mefisto, Vulpecula, Nepenthe, and Dokken are being venerated with reverential care and respect. As the ceremony begins, a solitary soul climbs the ancient stone stairs and slowly opens the imposing oaken doors. As they creak on their old iron hinges, sweeping down from behind the altar, across the transept, nave and narthex comes the sweet sound of Armageddon...

Veneration unites the music of seven bands through eight meticulously crafted covers, and like the voice of your favorite old patch vest, traces the historical continuity between multiple sub-genres of our common musical faith - from classic Heavy Metal up to the commanding heights of Thrash, and back down into the darkest depths of Death Metal.
Come to the veneration and profess your faith.

Listen to full release on NWN's bandcamp here.

NWN! Productions 2010
Anti Goth 133 (CD/LP/PicLP)

Our second full-length Incendiary features nine tracks, 49 minutes of absolute armageddon, and was released in January 2010.
Every aspect of this album has been carefully developed - conceptually, musically, lyrically and visually. No doubt this is the most ambitious album of our careers.

Beyond trends and categorization.

  • Incendiary  (MP3)
  • Descent of Man  (MP3)
  • The Destruction of Sennacherib
  • Silent Mortal Flesh (Convergence)
  • Ashen Glory
  • Beasts That Perish
  • Consigned to the Ages
  • Gathering the Eagles
  • Abandon in Place
See album reviews here.
Listen to full release on NWN's bandcamp here.

NWN! Productions 2008
Anti Goth 099 (CD)

Our Firestorms & Chaos CD, a compilation of all our vinyl-only tracks tracing back through our history to the first demo, includes all B-sides from the "Firestorm Redemption" and "Failsafe" singles, as well as the hard-to-find "Chaosmongers Alive" EP and our original 1997 Demo.

The CD booklet includes original cover art for each release, as well as other artwork drawn from previously vinyl-only layouts.

Listen to full release on NWN's bandcamp here.


NWN! Productions 2007
    Our Failsafe 12" EP includes another track from Return to Dust with nuclear intro and three non-LP tracks.
  • Failsafe (12" Version)
  • Solis Lacus (2005)
  • Vultures In The Sky (Detente cover)
  • Imperium  (OFC cover) (MP3)

NWN! Productions 2006
Anti Goth 046 (CD/LP/PicLP)
    Years in the making, our first full-length Return to Dust   features eight tracks, 42 minutes of pure, unrelenting Infernal Thrashing Death Metal!

  • Firestorm Redemption
  • A Dream of Armageddon
  • Failsafe
  • Fear Itself
  • Lamentations  (MP3)
  • None Escape
  • Sins of the Father
  • Ironclad

    Listen to full release on NWN's bandcamp here.


    NWN! Productions 2006
        Our Firestorm Redemption 12" EP includes the first track from Return to Dust and two non-LP tracks.

    Agonia Records 2004
        In February 2003 the band recorded a live-in-the-studio 7" EP called Chaosmongers Alive.  

    Self Released 1997
        Our first official release was a three song demo in 1997, recorded at Periselene Studio (where VULPECULA recorded the acclaimed Fons Immortalis mini-Lp). The demo featured Solis Lacus, The Undying Fire, and Blue Harvest. It was professionally reissued by Eternal Darkness Creations in early 1998.
    The demo was released as a limited edition 7" in the Die Hard LP version of Return to Dust and also appears on the Firestorms & Chaos CD.


    "In Dusk Apparition"
    • Eltanin Shadowcast
    • Celestial
    • Major Tom (Coming Home)
    • Culmination
    • In Dusk Apparition
    In Dusk Apparition

    Invictus Productions 2006 (CD)
    Bird of Ill Omen 2008 (Vinyl)

    The final recording from 1997/1998, carries on where "Fons Immortalis" left off.

    CDs & LPs available through our Merchandise page.

    "Inhumanities" Demo, July 1988
    • Victimized (MP3)
    • Apocalyptic Visions
    • Golgotha (Second Death)
    • The Scourge
    "Rehearsal, 25 December 1988"
    • Of Death And Dying
    • Webs Of Perdition
    • Crimes Against The State
    • Golgotha (Second Death)
    • Quietus
    • Apocalyptic Visions
    • Victimized
    • Blood And Thunder
    "Live, Manassas, Virginia, March 1994"
    • Plateau Of Invincibility
    • Ophiuchus Rex
      (He Who Plays With The Serpents)
    • Nuctemeron
    • An Ending In Fire (MP3)
    Imperium: The Apocalyptic Visions - Volume I

    Merciless Records 2006

    The first volume of a collection of rare and unreleased ORDER FROM CHAOS demos, live and rehearsal tracks from 1988-1994, straight from the master tapes in the band's archive!   Includes rare photos and a comprehensive band history and discography. CD & DLP, Merciless Records 2005.

    "Devil's Mayhem"
    • Possessed Commands
    • Poisoned Lust
    • Devil's Mayhem
    • Warstrike
    • Nuclear Evil
    • Infernal Abominations
    • Vengeance Dragon
    Devil's Mayhem

    Osmose Productions 2008
    (CD - OPCD 215)
    NWN! Productions 2010
    (LP - Anti Goth 147)

    Alex's side project with Gene from Angelcorpse. 7 songs, 32 minutes of satanic speed metal.