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On NWN! Productions

Ares Kingdom (us) / Pentacle (nl)
"Firestorms over Europe Tour"
4th - 20th November 2016
Killtown Bookings


  • We're playing NWN V Fest Friday, Nov 4th in Berlin, followed up by our Firestorms over Europe two week tour with PENTACLE!

    NWN Fest V tickets are still available! Purchase Tickets Here


  • Our latest full length, The Unburiable Dead, is out now in CD, LP and Die Hard editions. A band exclusive picture disc version is also available from us!

  • 72 x 10.5 inch (182 x 27 cm) gold thread embroidered Ares Kingdom logo and cypher scarves, as well as hand embroidered gold bullion logo, cypher, and shoulder strap patches are now back in stock!.

  • Our previous release, Veneration, contains meticulously crafted covers of Slaughter Lord, Sacrilege, Mefisto, Vulpecula, Nepenthe, RU Dead? and Dokken.   CDs and band exclusive limited edition Picture Discs are still available.

  • NWN is now streaming all our releases in their entirety.
    Click on The Unburiable Dead, Veneration, Incendiary, Firestorms and Chaos, and Return to Dust to hear them whenever you wish!

  • Incendiary CDs are again available.

  • VULPECULA - In Dusk Apparition  LPs are still available.