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  • We're confirmed for the Metal Threat Fest 2019 in Chicago in July and the Mass Destruction Fest 3 in Atlanta, Georgia in early November. Check our shows page for more details.

  • In anticipation of the upcoming release of By the Light of Their Destruction later this spring, we have released three EPs of specially-selected tracks from our discography - including albums, singles and compilations - along with previously unreleased live soundboard tracks recorded at the Metal Threat Fest in Chicago in July 2016. The EPs, The Dust of Ages, Red in Claw, Instruments of War, are available through our Bandcamp Page for download and free unlimited streaming.

  • Recordings for our fourth original album are nearing their end.

    By The Light
    of Their Destruction

    Side Antares:
    The Hydra Void
    Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)
    Dark Waters Eridanus
    Eighteen Degrees Beneath

    Side Bones:
    Litany I: Of the First Magnitude
    The Bones of All Men
    Talis Chimera Est


  • Our latest full length, The Unburiable Dead, is still available in CD and regular LP editions. A band exclusive picture disc version is still also available from us!

    "Ares Kingdom's latest album, "The Unburiable Dead," viscerally expresses the death and destruction of World War I in a style that is as brutal, nasty and unforgiving as the war itself. Of particular note is the title track that conveys the numbing reality of the unknown thousands who perished in this horrific conflict, literally disappearing into the battlefields of mass slaughter. The songs' messages are bleak and unforgiving, so much like the war itself."
    -Jonathan Casey, Museum Archivist and Edward Jones Research Center Manager, National World War I Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, MO

  • 72 x 10.5 inch (182 x 27 cm) gold thread embroidered Ares Kingdom logo and cypher scarves, as well as hand embroidered gold bullion logo, cypher, and shoulder strap patches are now back in stock!.

  • Our previous release, Veneration, contains meticulously crafted covers of Slaughter Lord, Sacrilege, Mefisto, Vulpecula, Nepenthe, RU Dead? and Dokken.   CDs and band exclusive limited edition Picture Discs are still available.

  • NWN is now streaming all our releases in their entirety.
    Click on The Unburiable Dead, Veneration, Incendiary, Firestorms and Chaos, and Return to Dust to hear them whenever you wish!